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Irving Adenauer

"A man like me isn’t going to kiss the feet of a guy who I could crush under my heel."

Former plasmid sales associate at Fontaine Futuristics/Ryan Industries. Received an invitation from Andrew Ryan while laboring beneath different identities in the States—the actual invitation is addressed to Avery Walsh, but he provided Irving Adenauer as his true name for city records. Entered Rapture in 1952 and lived first in Plaza Hedone, then in Mercury Suites, up until his arrest and subsequent escape from custody in 1958.

Irving is a known smuggler who, after periodically being questioned by security over the years, was ultimately brought in after authorities discovered a recent copy of the New York Times in his apartment. Unfortunately, this arrest turned out to be part of an elaborate plan that involved him publicly denouncing Andrew Ryan, setting off explosive charges around security headquarters, shocking a guard with Electro Bolt and making a break for it in the confusion. He is wanted for smuggling, assault and theft and a reward has been put out for his arrest. Security is still uncertain as to whether he is dead or alive.

Irving is 34 years old, about six feet tall and of slim build, with green eyes and neatly slicked brown hair. He has a slight Jersey accent and a brilliant smile, and is rarely seen in something other than a well-tailored suit. Charming and casual in manner, he is known to have numerous female lovers and until his arrest was a frequent sight at society events.

Sydney Marlow

"I'll tell ya right now that I've got a knack for findin' the rare and the top-quality."

Sydney is a blue-collar resident of Pauper’s Drop. A New York City native, he claims to have been involved in doing numerous odd jobs before happening upon the smuggling business, where he contracted with Frank Fontaine and Irving Adenauer before the death of the former and disappearance of the latter.

Sydney is in his early forties, a gaunt, unshaven man with dark hair. He is frequently in flannel and jeans, but in spite of his rough appearance is a smooth-talking salesman. He is skilled in using firearms and possesses Electro Bolt, more than likely illegally.

Philip "Phil" Hughes

"Rapture must be a nice change of pace then, hmm? Rioting and splicers aside. At least we have a half-decent nightlife."

Phil is an electrical engineer at McClendon Robotics. Native to London, he designed radio technology during the war. He has a very active social life and is often in attendance at ritzy parties, yet considers himself a man of simple pleasures—dancing, drinking, and enjoying the company of beautiful women.

Phil is 36 years old, with dark hair and glasses, and is usually seen dressed in a tuxedo. Wanting to keep safe in these dangerous times, he always carries a concealed pistol, and since the raid at the Pantheon has been rumored to possess one or more plasmids.


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Irving Adenauer

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