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Threads (Ryan's Gulch)

Greeting the Newcomers "Had any bizarre experiences?"
(Anonymous) "Now now, if you're trying to make a statement, don't borrow someone else's words."
(Peeta) "I think pretty much any story that ends up in someone being handcuffed is bound to be interesting."
(PA) "The man is going to have a hell of a mess on his hands if he thinks this is the way to play the game of politics."
(Ruby, log) "Ah, fresh meat? My favorite."
(Selina, log) "Trust me, in comparison, you are in no way stupid."
(Hoffman) "Oh, welcome to Irving's 'generally avoid and occasionally troll' list."
(Gabriel) "Keep in mind that freedom is more a philosophical than a political idea here."
(Ruby, log) "You know what you believe, and that's what's important."
(PA) "They've got to lie low, he insists."
(Allison) "You're not the only one that thinks Ryan's paranoia is running two steps ahead of his sense."
(Ruby, log) "We're not all burly thugs with missing teeth, no."
(Astaroth) "A word of advice: you might want to exercise a little more discretion, yourself."
A Slip and a Warning "I don't want to see any of you hanging from the end of a noose."

"You’d think these newcomers would have a little more sense. Sure, it’s a ratty thing, getting pulled into a place against your will. But why in hell they think it’s a good idea to chew Ryan out over the Hotline is beyond me. Wake up, folks—this has never been a democracy. The only change you’re going to get is a rope around your neck."

(Adele, log) "For once in his life, Irving finds himself at a complete loss for words."

"Saw a ghost yesterday. Of all people for Teleport to bring in—six years and she’s barely changed. I felt like a fool trying to talk to her. What was I supposed to say, after all this time? How do you explain why you ran away from the finest woman you’ve ever known?"

(Ruby, log) "This was never about utopia. This was about plain old, everyday power."
(Adele) "This business is complicated by nature."
(Sark, log) "He can at least try to be polite if this is a genuine mistake or some kind of come-on."
(Selina, log) "Still, she'd better work fast."
The Smugglers' Christmas (Adele and Ruby, Ruby gifting, Adele gifting)
New Years' Party (Ruby, Adele, Effy)
(Peach, Fontaine, log) "Are you planning on making a move?"
(Adele, NSFW) "To me, it seemed more like giving myself up to be a pawn in someone else's political disagreement."

"She forgave me, finally. It’s not as much of a relief as it ought to be. The trouble is that we get along fine when we go through the motions, but I know this runs a lot deeper than sass and sex. And I don’t have damn near the guts to tell her so."

(Sylvie) "Have you heard about that internet thing they've got around 2000?"
(PA, Adele, Selina) "I'm done playing games."
Pantheon's Opening (Adele, Sylvie)
(Adele, Ruby, log) "If I could stay one step ahead of international police I sure as hell can stay one step ahead of a guy who's losing public support by the day."

"I’ve always had a policy of not getting too stuck on people. I figured I’d learned my lesson after Adele, but Ruby—I let her become like a sister to me. If security came knocking that girl would spew her guts in a moment! She’d get me smoked, and I still just want to hold her. I guess I’m just that much of a chump."

(Peach, Adele, log) "You're going to have to give me some damn good reasons why you're worth keeping around."
(Ruby) "Ruby, I don't know who you're talking to, but it sure as hell isn't me."

"This thing with Fontaine’s just a little too easy, if you ask me. All that information suddenly hitting the network, and Sullivan happening to find him down below? I spent years working with the guy, and trust me, he knows how to cover his tracks. He’s not washed up yet."

(Ruby) "If you want to get through these times, you're going to have to shape up."
(Grell) "This isn't some academic conference where everybody's having intellectual debates."
(Atlas) "I want to know whether you might be in need of some hard-to-get merchandise."
(Adele, log) "Irving Adenauer doesn't exist. There's your hint."

"The trick in life to getting anything good is never to be yourself. I learned that way back in Jersey, when I was copying signatures onto checks and pulling con-tricks over the phone. You always have to give a little, play into what people want or expect, keep them hanging on until you have what you came for. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do—give security the break they want. And wish them luck in catching a guy that never existed."

The Breakout "I'm the free market. And I'm Andrew Ryan's worst nightmare."
(Adele and Ruby, log) "Irving's got to admit; it feels fantastic to be a celebrity."
Confession Log "And somewhere in the middle of that it dawned on me that I was never going to meet another woman as amazing as you."
(Shoshanna) "Well, congratulations, she's passed the first test of character."
Going Overt "I'm in the business of hard-to-find merchandise, and I'm willin' to help you out."
Meeting with Ruby "You make it sound like I showed up just to have the pleasure of giving Ryan the finger."
(Selene) "Hell, if anyone can be discreet about offering help, it's him."
(Ruby, log) "Nobody should do that to a face as pretty as yours."
(Irene) "Mind if I pull out the old cliché and ask if I could buy ya a drink?"
Raid at the Pantheon (Matthew, Julia, Fight scene, Ruby, Adele)
(Ruby) "And let me know if you need me to run out and get any more liquor."

Old threads

(Crossing Paths) "He looks like he just found out that someone pissed in his drink. It's that exquisite combination of hatred and disgust."
(The Second Encounter) "You are going to talk the whole time, aren't you?"
(Worst Case Scenario) "You don't have a heart to break, Irving. Just a cavity for a second wallet."
(Confession) "I like a woman who isn't afraid to mess with federal law enforcement."

(Amnesia) "One never knows with sharp dressed, gun toting idiots."


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